Bonding Electronic Components

Creative Materials manufactures superior products for electronic component bonding, which offer features that ensure consistency, reliability, versatility and ease of use. These products are silver-filled, one- and two-part systems with excellent conductivity and are less sensitive to handling and ambient conditions. Several of these products offer custom features, including one-to-one mix ratio (124-08A/B), room temperature cure (GPC 251A/B), B-stageable (118-06, 118-34), and pre-catalyzed single-component product (124-08C).

Multiple packaging options include the popular 5-gram GPC-251A/B bipak, which is pre-measured and ready to use. 124-08C is designed for syringe or jet dispensing. With excellent thermal stability, high-temperature performance, and flexibility, both 118-34 and 118-06 offer the ease of a one-part epoxy system and the versatility of B-stageable product.

Bonding Electronic Components

Order Sample Technical

Minimum Cure Temperature (°C)
Pot Life
Resistivity (ohms-cm)
GPC-251A/B Two-part, room temperature curing, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. 22 60 minutes 0.0002
124-08A/B Two-part, thermal shock resistant, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. 80 < 4 days < 0.0004
124-08C Single-component version of 124-08A/B 80 < 4 days < 0.0004
118-34 Screen-printable, B-stageable, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. Excellent flexibility in B-staged form. 150 > 1 week < 0.0002
118-06 Pad-printable, B-stageable, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. Excellent thermal stability. 150 > 1 week < 0.0008

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ROHS Reach