New Product - Flexible, non-flammable, high temperature resistant, electrically conductive ink and coating - 125-19(SP)C

Washable Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive October 2019 - Ayer, MA -- Creative Materials introduces 125-19(SP)C, a flexible, non-flammable, high temperature resistant conductive ink and coating. This product features excellent bonding to most metal and plastic substrates and has the unique characteristic of bonding well to silicone. A key advantage of this product is that it is non-flammable, in contrast to most products that bond to silicone, therefore avoiding many conditions where use of a flammable product is prohibitive. In addition, it has a uniquely long pot life.

125-19(SP)C is a one-component system with a room-temperature shelf life of 2 weeks, and is screen printable and syringe dispensable. This product is also offered as a two-component product and in a carbon resistive series. Performance properties of 125-19(SP)C include volume resistivity of 0.0003 Ω-cm, heat resistance to 280°C, and crease resistance. Typical applications include wearable electronics, high-temperature bonding, and stretchable, elastomeric conductors.

125-19(SP)C Technical Data sheet

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