Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Creative Materials' electrically conductive adhesives play an extensive role in manufacturing across a wide-range of industries, including electronic, solar cell, medical instrument, aerospace, and automotive components. Our innovative formulations of electrically conductive adhesives include highly conductive, lower-cost products that can be substituted for silver-filled adhesives. Electrically conductive adhesive applications include electrical and mechanical attachments for stress-sensitive devices, bonding electronic components to lead frames and circuit materials to heat sinks, and solder replacement. Our electrically conductive adhesives are extremely resilient, featuring excellent conductivity, and are less sensitive to thermal cycling.

Our standard and custom formulations of electrically conductive adhesives are versatile, with one- and two-part epoxies that can be applied by stenciling, pad printing, and syringe dispensing, as well as via direct write and jetting systems. They feature excellent adhesion to copper, aluminum, ceramic, and tin/lead solder terminated components, as well as some types of Teflon® surfaces, silicone and gold-plated substrates and surfaces.

Order Sample Technical

Application method
118-15A/B Two-part, long pot life, general purpose conductive adhesive Syringe Dispense 0.0001
GPC-251A/B Two-part, room temperature curing conductive adhesive. Syringe Dispense 0.0002
124-08A/B Two-part, long pot life, flexible conductive adhesive. Syringe Dispense 0.0002
GPC251A/B2612 Two part, room temperature, flexible conductive adhesive. Syringe Dispense 0.0002
124-08LVC Single-component conductive adhesive. Jet Dispensing/ Syringe Dispense 0.0002
102-32 High-temperature flexible silicone adhesive. Syringe Dispense 0.0001
118-06 B-stageable conductive adhesive. Numerous versions available 0.0008
125-22 B-stageable conductive adhesive with low flow & low CTE. Screen-print, stencil print 0.001
122-38(SD) Iconically clean die attach adhesive. Syringe Dispense 0.0002

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ROHS Reach