Carbon Inks

Creative Materials' carbon inks and adhesives play an increasing role in applications including printed resistors, polymer thick film circuitry, membrane switches, electrical attachments, heaters, and static elimination. We can configure carbon inks to obtain a range of electrical conductivity values by blending them with silver inks and adjust conductivity to a specific level. Creative Materials can also blend carbon inks with silver inks to reduce cost for some applications.

Carbon inks are lubricious, providing low friction and excellent thermal stability. They are also chemically inert, with low reactivity to solvents and other chemicals. Our carbon inks can be applied by screen-printing, dipping, and syringe dispensing and feature excellent adhesion to Kapton, Mylar, glass and a variety of other substrates. Unlike conventional conductive materials, carbon inks are very resistant to abrasion, scratching, flexing and creasing.

Creative Materials' waterborne carbon inks are environmentally friendly, while offering the same characteristics of high printability and varying electrical conductivity as our solvent-based carbon inks.

Order Sample Technical

Resistivity (ohms/sq/mil)
Application Method
112-48 Conductive ink. Blendable with 112-47. < 20 Screen-print
112-47 Resistive conductive ink. Blendable with 112-48. 10k to 15k Screen-print
114-34A/B Low-temperature curing epoxy ink. Will stick to ITO. < 150 Screen-print
120-24 High-temp epoxy ink for ITO or polyimide substrates. < 50 Screen-print
124-43 Water-based conductive ink. < 20 Flexographic
124-50 Fast drying conductive ink for ITO or polycarbonate substrates. < 40 Screen-print

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ROHS Reach