Dielectric Inks & Coatings

Creative Materials' dielectric inks and coatings play an important role in protecting and enhancing conductive materials. When designed to be compatible with specific electrically conductive inks, our dielectric coatings create an insulating layer and can provide crossover links that make printed silver inks more durable. Our range of standard and custom formulated dielectric coatings offers highly customized features for specific applications, including insulation on polymer thick film conductive inks in the manufacture of membrane switches and flex circuits.

Creative Materials' innovations include a color-matched dielectric and conductive carbon ink system for use in touch screen applications. Featuring an indiscernible difference in color and hue, these inks can conceal conductive features or hide insulated regions within conductive features. We also developed low-haze dielectric coatings that provide an exceptionally clear coating.

Our dielectric inks and coatings are solvent-resistant, flexible, and ultraviolet curable, forming a void-free coating that has good resistance to humidity, temperature and solvents. They are suitable for application by screen printing, spraying, dipping and syringe dispensing. Our dielectric inks and coatings feature excellent adhesion to Kapton, Mylar, glass and a variety of other surfaces including substrates such as polycarbonate, treated and untreated polyesters, Kapton, epoxy/glass PC boards, glass and indium tin oxide sputtered surfaces. Unlike conventional insulating materials, our dielectric inks and coatings are very resistant to flexing and creasing, providing excellent protection for components from moisture, salts, and abrasion.

Order Sample Technical

Application Method
Cure Method
125-17 Highly flexible Blue dielectric. Screen-print UV
116-20 Highly flexible Clear dielectric. Screen-print UV
113-48 Exceptionally flexible dielectric. Screen-print Thermal/UV
111-27 High dielectric strength coating. Sprayable Thermal
118-02 Flexible epoxy dielectric. Pad Print Thermal
122-01 High service temperature polyimide dielectric. Screen-print Thermal
119-07 High diectric strength coating/ink. Pad Print Thermal
118-08 Blue, flexible epoxy dielectric for ITO. Screen-print Thermal
118-12 Clear, flexible epoxy dielectric for ITO. Screen-print Thermal

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